Before the beginning . . .


These minions and Lucifer made Earth their playground.  What a great place to end up.  What became of all the minions and Lucifer once they inhabited Earth?  Had reproduction taken place amongst them all?  If so, They are here, and They dwell with ordinary citizens.  

How many of Them are there now?  Now since humans came into existence.  Their population has probably exploded as has the human population.   

Lucifer and his minions had their own sense of power since before the beginning, and their life goals and purposes were to what? Disassemble.  However it needs to be done.  Forever, or until the end of Time as we know it.   They're all really just a bunch of p.o.'d angels, with Lucifer getting too big for his britches.  And they're vengeful, having a huge bone to pick with God.   They will always be there; everywhere.   T…

Military Brat Life - Racism

The more caca I read and hear and how everybody hates everybody else, I am thankful for the growing up I had that was NOT like any of the heathens from the outside. I was born and raised a military Brat and I retired from the military. There IS NO color, just people doing what they are there to do. School life with children of all colors and backgrounds was the norm. Getting a good education was the norm.  People of all colors living in the same neighborhoods was the norm.  At one post we lived, one next door neighbor was black, the other were Mexicans.  Across the street were Asian kids; down the street were mixed black/white kids, and of course the white kids.  Whoopee doo doo.  We all played together.  We all went to school with each other.  We ate with each other.  We hung out together.  We did everything together.  And we believed the same way - that we were all just people, here to do what we were here to do, to keep on pursuing our adventures of assuring peace, justice, and the …

Me and Mary Jane since the 1970's

I was never a stoner, but I knew plenty.  I enjoyed those friends of mine; they were always amusing.  I've always loved being amused.  This is not to say that I had not indulged a time or ten; it's saying that I've sure been around long enough now to have had decades of deep thoughts about the subject of the wild wood weed.

On the one hand, I love to eat; in particular tasty foods.  These people would end up with the munchies and they usually had some pretty good stuff to eat around the house.  Or to conjure up a tasty new recipe made from whatever was in the refrigerator and the cabinets.  As we got older, our new-found recipes became more complex and even more delicious; but that comes with the experience of age and wisdom.  And even better food items in the pantry and cabinets than any 25-year old's.   Fortunately for me, I was a small person who needed to consume as many calories a day as I could just so I wouldn't be dragged off by a good gust of wind.  I ate…

Are You and Your Family Prepared to Shelter In Place (SIP)?

Whatever happens Out There, IS THERE A SAFE PLACE in your home for you to go?  My granddaughter and I have a safe place that's in a pantry with mostly dry goods.  Any jars are on low shelves or on the floor.  There is even a hook in the wall that holds a working flash light.  My granddaughter is only six years old, but she's known our safe place since she was three.  We would practice and have drills, then end up in the pantry with her in charge of the flash light.  One day she'll probably be too big for us to be in that pantry, but at least she knows where other safe places are in this house.

If and whenever we DO have to go to our shelter, when it comes time that those of us in the house can come out of our safe places, it's then time to see if venturing outside, beyond any possible standing doors and walls, is even a good idea.  If not, you're all staying Inside.  You will then Shelter In Place.  (SIP) Sheltering with family or whoever may be in the house with…

They Know All About You

Edward Snowden went about it all wrong.  He's known all along that data was had on everybody.  Everybody.  From the days of retrieving data through someone's trash to wire tapping to cyber threats, somebody is always watching and knows what you do. This has gone on forever.  Since he had known this for a very long time and it became part of his world, he obtained employment where he was able to do just that - gather personal data.  One day he announced to the world that he had proof that big brother had tabs on everybody; and to prove it, he shared plenty of that information with an old rival.  I doubt he is happier in his new home country, even though their president who took him in despises traitors.  Snowden can't be too smart since he didn't think far enough out to know what repercussions and consequences there would be to pay.  ID 10 T.

I have known since I was a mere child that people watched people and wanted information about them for odd reasons; and from th…

Professionalism - Learn It

PROFESSIONALISM can be defined as the strict adherence to courtesy, honesty and responsibility when dealing with individuals or other companies in a business environment and conduct at work.  This trait often includes a high level of excellence going above and beyond basic requirements. 

Professionalism does not mean wearing a suit or carrying a briefcase.  It means conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence.  It also means communicating effectively and appropriately and always finding ways to be productive.   Professionals strive to become experts in their field, which sets them apart from the rest of the pack.  

Part of understanding professionalism is figuring out how each of our individual actions impacts the actions and work of others.  Professionalism and the work ethic demonstrated by individuals in the business world may be built around an internal moral system or code of ethics.   The word "ethics" comes from a Greek term meanin…

Losing a Grandbaby

May 18, 2015 was a new day for a new baby girl that I only got to love for four months.  Grandbaby number five.  Being retired from the military, I now had more time to play with the children. Especially when they're little babies.  I like little babies.
September 22, 2015 was the last day on Earth for that new baby girl.  A monster got to her and took her away from us.  Monsters can be surreal, especially when they stand back and watch as I attempt to push air into the tiny lungs; wanting her chest to rise and fall with natural breaths.  But it doesn't. Not even with the chest compressions her grandfather was applying to accomodate the breaths.   
Then paramedics take over and attempt to supply air to her lungs, and continue as they take her little body on the stretcher to the ambulance to take her to the baby emergency room.      
In the children's hospital, her mother holds her lifeless body, as momma rocks and cries.  And rocks and cries.  The monster was there and he …